Nolan Moittie, Burger Poisoning: Ten-year-old boy dies after eating contaminated.

A 10-year-old French boy poisoned in 2011 by contaminated supermarket beef has died in intensive care.

Nolan Moittie fell ill along with 14 other children after eating the beef burgers infected with E. coli bacteria.

He died shortly afterwards, despite medics’ efforts to revive him, Le Parisien reported.

Nolan was just 23 months when he became one of 15 children in the Hauts-de-France region to fall ill having eaten beef contaminated with E.coli.

The boy was left paralysed for life, unable to walk, talk or eat.


the other children suffer from conditions that will affect their kidneys for the rest of their lives.

The lawyer of Nolan’s family, Florence Rault, said the boy had suffered a ‘real ordeal since the accident’.

Bosses at Seb-Cerf, who marketed frozen steaks under the Steak Country brand, were tried at Douai Criminal Court in northern France in 2017.


Former boss Guy Lamorlette, 78, was sentenced to three years in prison for failing to carry out checks on the meat.

He was also banned from any industrial or commercial activity and ordered to pay damages to the victims.

At a February hearing Lamorlette tried to blame Laurent Appere, the company’s former quality manager who died just before the trial began.


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