How Did Ariana Grande And Mac Miller Start Dating?
How Did Ariana Grande And Mac Miller Start Dating?

Remember a couple of years ago when Ariana Grande released her single “The Way” featuring Mac Miller, then the music video showed them making out at the end and everyone was like, whatttttttt???

Yeah. Ever since then, I’ve been hardcore shipping these two… patiently waiting for the day they finally started dating. When they went official, I low-key (read: high-key) sobbed.

I’m the first person to admit this relationship came out of nowhere, but godd*mmit, I am so f*cking happy it’s a thing. They work. They just do. I can’t explain it! I literally love this couple.

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If you don’t think they make sense together, correct yourself by watching this behind-the-scenes video from their “The Way” music video. Their chemistry is literally so off the charts, it makes me blush just watching it.

My god.

And now, thanks to a huge rock Ari was sporting on that finger at the One Love Manchester concert on Sunday, June 4, people think Ariana Grande and Mac Miller are engaged. Engaged!

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If this is true, sweet Jesus, take the wheel. Take it from my hands.

So, in honor of the potentially engaged couple, let’s take a look back at all the times they proved they were the best celebrity couple in the game right now.

Their Performances Together Are Literally More Romantic Than Any Date I’ve Ever Been On

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The lovebirds took to the One Love Manchester stage to perform “The Way” and Mac’s single “Dang!” Both of these songs will be eternal jams.


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