Food poisoning almost killed magician Dynamo’s career [Details]


Magician Dynamo has revealed that undercooked chicken almost killed him.

The star – who suffers from Crohn’s disease – was served up a chicken dish last summer that he contracted food poisoning from. It left him with arthritis in his hands, meaning he was unable to shuffle a pack of cards for his famous magic tricks.

And after being rushed to hospital – and still recovering now – he’s says he’s planning to take legal action on the establishment that gave him the crook chook.

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Dynamo – real name Stephen Frayne – said: “I know exactly what it was that caused the food poisoning – it was the chicken.

“I know where I got it from. I’ve got the receipt. I’m considering taking action right now and seeing what I can do. I’m talking to my team about it.”

Magician Dynamo shared a message of “positivity” as he updated fans on his battle with Chron’s disease

Dynamo, 35, told The Sun that after eating the food, a number of severe side-effects took over his body and he was admitted to hospital straight away.

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The magic man slowly regained control of his hands again after working with a physiotherapist and he added: “I’m starting to do basic hand tricks again.”

Last month, Dynamo detailed the struggle of trying to manage his condition, which inflames the bowel.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, he described a two stone weight gain and changes to his appearance due to the medication.

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He said he has gained two stone

Dynamo’s message to other Crohn’s disease sufferers has warmed everyone’s hearts: ‘I’m staying positive’

“I think it’s made me more handsome – it’s definitely had quite a toll on my body – I’ve put on two stone which is quite strange,” he said.

“I’ve put on a lot of weight and one of the main impacts for me is it’s given me arthritis which for a magician, I’m not being able to use my hands like I normally would.

“I’m working with physio and the doctors to try to get the right medication and treatment to come back on and show you some new tricks and new magic.”


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