Amelia fate has been revealed after it was shown that she has been kidnapped by a girl called Beth on Emmerdale.

After Daz Spencer was questioned by police over his dark secret, he was then interrogated by his brother – who is certain that he knows where Amelia really is.

However it looks like Daz may have been innocent all along after viewers watched a girl return home to Amelia , who was sitting on the sofa.

But what do we know about Beth so far? What could her motives be? And is Daz involved at all?

Here’s what we know so far…

Amelia’s kidnapper was revealed as Beth – but who is she?

Who is Amelia’s kidnapper Beth?

Little is known about Amelia’s kidnapper Beth, however she was first seen by viewers last week.

The police revealed that Amelia had been captured on CCTV holding an unknown blonde woman’s hand. They revealed that she must know what she is doing as she has managed to avoid all the cameras in town so far. The only reason she was seen on the CCTV was because it had only been installed recently and she wouldn’t have known about it.

She was seen returning back to the flat

Her face was first revealed when she returned back to the flat, which Amelia was in.

She had crumpled up the MISSING leaflet before entering the flat – does Amelia not know that her family are looking for her?

What could Beth’s motives be?

There are three possible motives for Beth abducting Amelia.

The first is Beth wanting to get revenge against Daz. He finally revealed that he had accidentally killed someone in 2009 while he was in the army. If Beth is that man’s daughter, she could want revenge against him. This could be by setting him up so that the police think that he is responsible for kidnapping Amelia.

Amelia seemed content at her kidnapper’s flat

Hence pretending to be him via the Helmand2009 username.

And, in another episode she called Daz using a menacing voice, telling him he has “blood on his hands.”

The second motive could just be in a bid to help out her friend Amelia by giving herself somewhere to stay. After discovering the truth about who her dad is, she may have contacted her friend to give her somewhere to live for the time being.

Third – money. Considering that the police said that she must have known what she was doing to avoid the CCTV cameras, Beth could be part of an organised group demanding a random, which makes sense after she called Daz demanding money in the phonebox.

Or could there be another reason for Beth kidnapping her?

Is Daz involved in Amelia’s disappearance?

Daz is considered the police’s main suspect, but Beth being revealed as Amelia’s kidnapper suggests that he isn’t.

But could he be connected to Beth in some way? Could he have organised for Beth to kidnap Amelia?

We’ll have to wait and see…

*Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV



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